Fly a helicopter in New-Caledonia

If you have a valid Bell 206 type rating, a CPL(H) or FI rating, you may rent the helicopter for sight-seeing flights, pleasure flights, private transport… Obviously you also require an EASA flight crew license as well as your medicals up to date. Should you be PPL(H) a minimum of 100hours on B206 is required.

An instructor will be with you to get accustomed to the machine and the local airspace, afterwards you can fly freely on your own.

Should you not have all of the required qualifications, you may still rent the helicopter however a qualified instructor will be flying with you.

Prices : 89.000 XPF/flight hour + 5.000 XPF/ground hour

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    Air-rent is a dry-lease helicopter rental company in Nouméa, New-Caledonia.

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